Couple Fighting After Woman ‘Became Jealous Of Girl Next Door’

Shocking footage shows a young couple arguing on the roadside – as the man repeatedly punches his girlfriend.

The pair were riding a motorcycle through Hat Yai when they started quarrelling because the girl was jealous of another woman who had recently moved in next door to them.

They pulled over and had a violent row – with the tearful and highly emotional woman switching between trying to kiss her fella and then slapping his face.

He didn’t react to well to the episode – and delivered a couple of nasty uppercuts to her body. One punch narrowly missed her head.

Residents stood watching for a few minutes but finally stepped in to come between them when the man dragged the woman into the road by her hair.

The old Bill arrived and calmed the whole situation. The woman grabbed her belonging’s from her boyfriends motorcycle and stormed off in a flood of tears after the incident on Wednesday afternoon.

An onlooker said the couple were arguing for around 15 minutes.

He said: ”They didn’t care about anyone who came out and tried to stop them, including cars driving by. Both of them carried on fighting, beating each other, swearing and shouting. There were some things thrown on the street.

”The woman was physically attacked on her face and body. Somebody called police and two officers arrived. They asked them about the fight. It was because the woman was jealous of a new girl next door. They had been riding back from eating together and the man became angry and they started fighting in the middle of the road.”

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