Couple Caught Having Sex In Car ‘Crashed After Fleeing Police’

A couple who were allegedly caught having sex in their car then crashed after trying to flee the police.

Officers noticed the young man, 19, and his girlfriend, 25, romping in a dark ‘lovers lane’ in Penang, Malaysia, on Saturday October 19 night.

But when a policeman knocked on the window to investigate, the lad hit the accelerator and sped away.

Police gave chase before the driver allegedly collided with a motorcycle and knocked him into a ditch. The rider suffered a broken foot.

Their car then plunged into a swamp. The embarrassed couple emerged from the wreckage covered in filth.

Seberang Perai North District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Noorikane Mohd Noor said the pair were taken to hospital then arrested.

He said: ”Officers investigated the car while it was parked suspiciously.

”The couple were reported to be having sex in the car. Recognising the presence of the police, the driver of the car was terrified and took off, speeding towards the Bagan Ajam Toll Plaza along Sungai Dua before being chased by police.

“The suspect also acted in violation of the toll road on the highway and lost control before turning left and colliding with a motorcycle coming in the same direction.”

Police chief Noorikane Mohd Noor said the crash happened on the Butterworth Highway (BORR) near the Butterworth district on the island.

He said the suspect’s car and his motorcycle crashed into a ditch near a water-filled highway.

The officer added: ”The two suspects were rescued by police, while the motorcyclist was rushed to Seberang Jaya Hospital for treatment.

”The couple were both students and they have been arrested after receiving outpatient treatment at the hospital.”

He said the case was being investigated under Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving and causing serious injury.

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