Cops Punish Motorbikers By Making Them Do Push-Ups

Cops caught a motorbike gang riding illegally in convoy and dished out some old-school punishment at the roadside instead of fines – by making them do PUSH UPS.

Officers spotted the group of more than 20 bikers cruising along a road that had banned powerful bikes because of the noise in Chonburi.

They turned on their red car lights and pulled them over but instead of handing out fines or hauling them into the station to be arrested – they made them to press ups on the road side.

Footage taken by the organiser Suchart Janpitak, 38, shows his pals being put through their paces by two no-nonsesense cops with a unique sense of instant justice.

Suchart said: ‘’We organised the parade of motorcycles to travel to friends in a nearby province. We were on the the Chonburi bypass road but police stopped us because motorbikes are not allowed on it.

‘’The police made everybody do 20 push ups then let us go. I want to thank the officers for doing this instead to taking us to the station. We learned our lesson and won’t be riding on that road again.’’

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