Cops Open Fire On Drugs Suspect In Car Chase

This is the dramatic moment police open fire on a suspected drug dealer – who tries to flee by ramming his car through traffic.

Undercover police followed the suspect before his conspicuous silver ‘boy racer’ car got stuck in a traffic jam in Rayong province, Thailand last week.

He tried to weave through the gridlock before an officer in black clothes runs to the driver’s door and starts opening fire.

As eight shots are let off at the wheels, the driver shunts the two cars in front before reversing backwards into an ambulance.

He the suddenly accelerates forward, ramming two cars in front and eventually forcing his way through – clattering a black pick up truck in the process.

Volunteer rescue worker Boy Jung witnessed the carnage as he recorded it on his dash cam.

He said: ”I don’t know what he was thinking. The driver put a lot of people at risk with his dangerous behaviour.

”Police fired at his car but he was determined to get away. He smashed straight into the cars in front.”

Despite having a front flat tire, the driver managed to get away as was still being hunted by police.

The driver of the white car that was damaged came forward after a clip of the incident went viral to complain that he had to pay for repairs of 1,000THB – the equivalent of around 20GBP.

He complained online: ”’I am a victim but have to pay. The police caused the chase which damaged my car but still I have to pay.”

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