Cops Hunting Woman Who Posed Naked On Chonburi Bridge

Thai police are hunting an attractive young woman who sparked outrage – after she posed naked on a bridge.

The brunette – using the pseudonym Nong Nan – took off her clothes and straddled a concrete post overlooking the river in Chonburi.

She then posed standing up while touching her long hair and looking down the empty motorway during the early hours of the morning.

Pictures of the exhibitionist emerged in private messaging groups earlier this week before being posted online on Monday.

Outraged locals reported the pictures to police who are now searching for the woman. She faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to 100,000 baht (2,345GBP).

Police Colonel Siriwat Deephor said any members of the public re-sharing the images on social media would face the same punishment for breaking the country’s computer crime act.

He said: ”Some people have stated that the naked woman is an online idol but we are not sure about that. There are members of the public who know who she is, and they should report her.”

The young brunette was slammed by locals who posted online that she had dragged down the standards of the country. Thira Sumrit said: ”This isn’t appropriate. What is a driver went by and saw her? She should have more respect for herself.”

Ton Meechukhun added: ”This makes our country look like junk. It’s disrespectful. The police should find her and make her apologise.”

Police Colonel Adinan Nuchnarot, chief of Chonburi police, said the woman also faced charges of public indecency – and urged her to hand herself in.

He said: ”If this is her first offence we will treat her sympathetically. It is not good to this, it’s not a moral way to live by exposing your body.”

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