Cops Find Underage Girls Found At Karaoke Bar

Footage shows the moment a karaoke bar was raided after teenage girls were being offered for sex for 25GBP.

Police were tipped off about the bar in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok where dozens of women would wait for customers until the early hours of the morning.

An undercover detective went inside and procured two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old – all of whom were under the legal age of 18 and classed as children.

Officers stormed the premises on December 27 at 11:30pm and arrested the owner and her husband. Cops also found handguns at the unregistered bar.

Sherriff Gamton Vayhon from the Bang Sao Thong district police station said: ”Nine women were found in the shop. Six of them were over 18 but under 20.

”Two of the girls were 16 and one was 17. The owners are suspected of trafficking and child prostitution.

Police said they received complaints that underage girls were being offered for sale. They went undercover and paid for the service, before immediately sending a message to armed police waiting round the corner.

The owners, Charinya Kuseua, 42, and husband Mongkol, 45, were taken into custody and detained in custody while they questioned.

Sherriff Vayhon added: ”The three underage girls have been rescued and they are being supported. Using underage girls in venues is not acceptable and anyone found breaking the law will be caught.”

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