Cops Find Dead Body In FRIDGE After Fake Passport Raid

Cops arrested SEVEN foreigners after they busted a fake passport gang and found a chopped up dead body in the fridge.

Police raided the business unit on Friday afternoon sparking a ferocious gun fight in which one officer was shot.

Officers then made the shock discovery of a middle-aged Western man’s body cut up into six pieces in the large silver fridge in Bangkok, Thailand.

Police find the chopped up body in the fridge after the raid on the fake passport gang

Police find the chopped up body in the fridge after the raid on the fake passport gang

Police arrested one American – named as either Peter Johnson, 63, from the U.S. or Peter Colter, 58, from Northern Ireland -and two other foreigners named James ‘Jim’ Eger and Aaron Gabel, 33.

They were charged with attempted murder of a policeman, suspicion of printing fake passports, possession of guns and resisting arrest.

A Burmese couple who worked at the unit were arrested and later released after questioning. Two other foreigners were arrested and also released.

Police released pictures of the men handcuffed inside the apartment and the fridge’s open door with the body wrapped in black bags.

‘I never saw them put food or drinks in the fridge’ – local maid

Bangkok police chief Sanit Mahathavorn said the body was a “foreign man with blonde hair.”

He added: “His body was cut with sharp object into six pieces, put in a black bag and brought into the freezer.”

The foreigners are believed to have been renting all four floors of the business premises next to the Kluay Nam Thai Clinic on Sukhumvit Road, Soi 56.

The foreigners are handcuffed at the commercial unit

The foreigners are handcuffed at the commercial unit


A maid working at the building told the police that the four men had moved in a week ago. They carried a large freezer with them which she said was plugged in all the time – without ever being used for food or drink.

Cops are understood to have received intelligence about the illegal activities at the premises.

In total, they found six pistols, methamphetamine, marijuana, hundreds of passports, a printer and chemicals in the building.  One of the suspects had his picture on several passports under different names.

Gang faces attempted murder charge

Police said the group will be charged with attempted murder for opening fire on the policeman during the raid.

They also face charges over the butchered body, possession of firearms, forging official documents and resisting arrest.

Thailand has a booming black market for fake identity documents with authorities struggling to track the thousands of lost or stolen passports each year.

Passports are known to be sold on to drug traffickers while others are suspected to have ended up in the hands of Islamist militants.

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