Cops Bust Illegal Chinese E-Commerce Operation

This is the astonishing moment 11 Chinese tourists were arrested after setting up a sprawling illegal e-commerce base – wire up to 300 smartphones.

The group started renting the luxury five bedroom home in an upmarket area of Samut Prakan, Thailand, for 65,000 baht a month, earlier this year.

They worked round-the-clock fuelled by Red Bull and cigarettes making the equivalent of thousands of pounds a month using messaging apps to sell electronics, cosmetics and other goods to locals.

But neighbours became suspicious and alerted the landlord and local cops who investigated and were shocked when they saw the massive electricity bills being used to power the operation.

Major General Surachate Hakpal obtained a search warrant and raided the home yesterday  afternoon at 4.30pm before the group were arrested for working illegally.

He said: ”The investigation found that the 11 Chinese men and women were working illegally. They had more than 300 smartphones including iPhones, notebooks, computers and more than 2,000 sim cards. They are now being held in custody at the police station.”

The property’s landlord Thanakorn Nimtrakul, 49, said that Qsan Yongzhg, aged 31, started renting the home on May 3 this year then immediately moved in his ”ten friends”.

Thanakorn said he was told of the strange behaviour of the tenants and reported his suspicions to police earlier this month.

General Surachet Ruenphan, deputy director of the National Science and Technology Agency, said: ”We have to admit that the technological operation is quite advanced.

”But tourists cannot enter Thailand and run a business illegally so we have to prosecute the group. They are causing economic damage to the country and the citizens by depriving them of income.”

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