Conservationist Killed By Wild Elephants In Chachoengsao

A conservationist was found dead this morning after being kicked and dragged to his death by a herd of wild elephants.

Manop Kalasuk, 48, had been lying in a hammock while looking out some 30 wild pachyderms in jungle last night in Chachoengsao, eastern Thailand.

But he was found at 6am local time 100 metres from his look out spot with a crushed chest, broken leg and blood coming from his mouth.

Colleagues believe Manop was trampled by the elephants which then kicked his body along the ground until they disappeared back into the woodland at the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary in Sanam Chai Khet district.

Village chief Satian Wongtaisong, 50, said that Manop and around eight other people had been tracking the herd of wild elephants the night before his death.

He said: ”The team was guarding the agricultural land and crops to prevent the elephants from entering. At about 11pm no wild elephants had been found.

”Then I ordered to terminate the mission and return to rest. Then this morning I was informed by villagers that Manop had died on the road.”

Satian said that ”almost every time” after each mission, Manop would fix his hammock to a tree and spend the night outside while watching for elephants.

He added: ”Manop worked hard and tracked the elephants every moment that he could. He loved elephants and was very experienced. It is possible he was sleeping when they trampled him.”

The victim’s body has been sent for a post mortem examination to confirm the cause of death. The herd of wild elephants have not been seen since the death.

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