Claw grabber game with bikini models in Taiwan

A cuddly toy crane game sparked controversy after using bikini-clad models inside the glass boxes.

The arcade attraction opened in Tainan City, Taiwan, last month and drew hundreds of visitors – with the models becoming the most popular at the games park.

The girls were seen sitting inside the grabber games surrounded by toys and other prizes which users had to try and pick up with the mechanical claw.

Wearing brightly colours bikinis, the three models – named Kira, Kara and Kim – gave encouragement to players and positioned teddies so that they were easier to win.

Visitor Lin-li Huang who visited the park said the women made the games were fun.

She said: ‘’I’ve never won before on these games but her I picked up a teddy. I’m sure was because the girl inside was helping.”

But the cheeky feature was also slammed by some viewers who claimed it was ‘’objectifying women’’.

Amy Chan wrote online: ‘’I’m ashamed to let my daughter see this. It is not the kind of example we should be showing to our children.’’

Ben He added: ‘’I think this is objectifying women. It’s not a good idea for this kind of thing in the 21st century.’’

Owners of the Monmonda said that the games had been popular but withdrew the models after a backlash.

They said: ‘’For future events we will think more carefully about the standards of what is on show. Many people enjoyed this and thought it was fun but for others it caused a little offence so we will be more considerate of that.”

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