Chubby Tourist Tries To Ride Pillion With Hilarious Results

This is the hilarious moment a super-size tourist tries to take a motorcycle taxi – but give sup because he’s too fat.

The morbidly-obese Middle Eastern man clambered onto the back of tiny 50cc moped but the driver couldn’t move.

He jumps off for a second motorbike rider to try – but the bike falls over the moment he gets back on.

Chubby Tourist Tries To Ride Pillion With… by viralpress

With another taxi rider steadying the chubby holidaymaker, they finally get moving but have to stop after a just a few yards.

The chubby tourist eventually gave up and decided to walk to his next destination.

Fellow motorcycle taxi riders look on and laugh as the situation unfolded earlier this week in Pattaya, Thailand.

Video of the hilarious attempt at using the budget transport – which costs about 20thb – the equivalent of 40p – for a short five minute journey – went viral after it was shared online.

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