Chinese Tourists Plaster 300-Year-Old Temple With Thousands Of Stickers

Chinese tourists have been blamed for covering a 300-year-old Buddhist temple in thousands of stickers – because they believe it will bring them good luck.

Hundreds of holidaymakers visit the Nong Ket Yai Temple in Pattaya every day – with the vast majority arriving from the Far East on huge tour buses.

They are given stickers with their tour operator’s logo which the guides advise them to plaster over trees, relics and walls in the ancient religious site which dates back to the 1700s.

But the unsightly mess is now causing anger among locals who worship at the building – with some calling for tourists to be banned.

Temple caretaker Thongdee Saeli said: ”We can see that what’s happening is a kind of copycat behaviour.

”Most of the tourists are Chinese tourists. The guide will tell tourists from the car that if the sticker is to stick to the tree, then it will be lucky.

”We have prepared a place for stickers. But tourists do not pay attention and put them in other areas.

”Each day, there are hundreds of tourists visiting the temple. It causes damage and unattractive images occur.

”Even though we have already ordered the staff to help remove the stickers, they cannot keep up. It must be acknowledged that such acts destroy the image and the destiny of the religion. The result is not beautiful. It looks dirty and sloppy.”

Thongdee said that staff will give stricter instructions to tour guides that stickers should only be placed on approved boards.

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