Chinese Tourists Causing HUGE Queues At Don Mueang

Astonishing video shows the congestion at Don Mueang Airport last week.

The footage shows the effects of Thailand’s drive to pull in Chinese tourists. There were hundreds of them forming enormous queues at the check in counters.

Thankfully, they were taking flights on Chinese carriers so for most Westerners there is no delay to checking in.

However, going through passport checks and security scans can be a bit tricky, as that’s when the Chinese converge and cause even more congestion.

The video below shows the situation on a Monday afternoon.

While the pictures below show the the huge mass of Chinese going through passport checks at the arrivals at Don Mueang Airport.

Naturally, the Chinese didn’t stick to the area for ASEAN passport holders and instead jumped lines and queues, squawked, pushed and shoved in the foreign passport holders line.

If Thais are going to invite half of Communist China over for a holiday – and smile while pocketing their yen – the list they could do is put a bit of money back into airport staff and infrastructure. That would make the whole experience quicker and more efficient for everyone.

But that would take just an ounce of common sense…

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