Chinese Tourist Gropes Ladyboy Who Compares Crotch Size

Just what is it about Chinese tourists and ladyboys?

Earlier this month we posted a video of two Chinese girls feeling a ladyboy’s boobs.

And who could have missed the story in the mainstream media about the Chinese bride letting guests feels her breasts.

Well, it actually turned out be a Pattaya ladyboy who had been in the news about five months earlier when she was fined for – yes, you guessed it – charging male Chinese tourists fondle her for 20thb a time.

It seems that ladyboys aren’t learning their lesson. And the Chinese are as fascinated as ever with them.

Here’s a bizarre clip a male tourist is filmed groping the breasts of Thai ladyboys – who hit back by comparing the size of their MANHOOD.

The Chinese holidaymaker in his early 30s gives the group of tiara-wearing transsexuals 20thb – about 46gbp – each before fondling their silicone boobs.

Stunned crowds look on as he mimics a sex act – while two ladyboy hit back at his wondering hands by revealing their crotch and yelling ”mine’s bigger than yours”.

They even grab the holidaymaker’s groin as they repeats their obscene remarks.

The man laughs it off and carries on as he lifts up the ladyboys while others pull down their tops to expose their breasts with the girls shouting ”nom yai, nom yai” – Thai for big breasts – and demanding more cash.

The clip – shot inside a busy cabaret foyer in Pattaya, Thailand – went viral after being shared on Chinese social networking site Weibo.

Leo Heung, who posted the clip, said: ”The man was very enthusiastic and wanted to play around with the ladyboys.

”They were friendly and joined in, but they wanted money. Our tour guide made sure that they were compensated for the activities.

”They were part of a show. It was strange to see them showing off their bodies like that in public.

”We don’t see anything like this in China so a lot of people are fascinated by it. Sometimes a little bit scared, too.”

Earlier this month it emerged that a clip of a bride apparanetly letting guests grab her breasts for cash towards her honeymoon was actually a Thai ladyboy.

The entertainer Miss Bee, 22, made 20thb – about 46p – in tips each time a holidaymaker posed for pictures while groping her.

She was later fined by Thai authorities 5,000THB (114gbp) for indecent exposure.

Of course, it’s not just the Chinese who like ladyboys.

A British tourist went viral with his funny video of himself having sex with Jeffrey the ladyboy in Bangkok.

‘Going to Thailand and not having sex with a ladyboy is like going to Turkey and not eating a kebab,’ he said.

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