Chinese Tourist BOTTLED After Refusing To Tip GoGo Dancers

A Chinese tourists was smashed over the head with a bottle in the early hours of the morning after he refused to tip two strip club dancers.

Yang Zhan, 25, had been drinking at the Taboo Club in Pattaya while groping the gogo dancers – allegedly without buying them a drink or tipping them.

Female staff at the venue eventually complained that he was ”too mean” and Yang became noisy, then stormed out of the bar after paying for his bottle of beer.

But a bouncer stopped him at the doorway to demand he apologise for his behaviour, before a crowd of bikini-clad sex workers surrounded him and he was hit in the head.

Police broke up the fracas before Yang, the bouncer and two dancers were taken to the local police station for questioning. The Chinese holidaymaker’s head wound was bandaged up. His t-shirt had also been torn in the brawl.

The tourist claimed that he had been sitting down watching the coyote dancers before the ”girls pestered him to buy drinks”.

He said: ”The girls were asking me for drinks. I told them I didn’t want them to sit with me and then I tried to leave. They attacked me.”

The sex workers told police that Yang had argumentative and began shouting at them.

He was allegedly fondling them but had refused to adhere to the unwritten rule of tipping them in order to be touched. They both denied hitting him with a bottle.

The two women, who were not identified, were each fined 1,000 baht along with the bouncer and reprimanded by police for ”damaging the image of the city”.

Police chief Apichai Krobtech said: ”Police received notification of the disturbance at 2am and responded quickly to end the argument. The city is a safe place for tourists and any issues are resolved quickly.”

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