Chinese Man Pick-pocketed By Thai Woman Who Hugs Him

A Chinese man filming a video in the street claims he was pick-pocketed by a woman when she hugs him.

Jerry Liu, 32, was recording himself for a trip to a nightclub when the lady approaches him on Saturday night in Bangkok, Thailand.

He says ‘’oh, beautiful’’ and she puts her arms around him for an embrace in front of passersby.

Jerry Liu, 32, jokes with Thai police after the incident

Jerry Liu, 32, jokes with Thai police after the incident

But Jerry’s apparent luck quickly turns sour when she allegedly steals around 5,000THB (116gbp) from his pocket – before dashing it to the ground when he confronts her.

He says he will call the police to which she replies ‘’no police, I don’t want’’ before walking away and claiming the money was for him to take a PICTURE of her.

Jerry’s footage of the incident went viral before police tracked him down and took a report to help find the suspected thief for questioning.

Jerry, originally from Beijing but living in Thailand, said: ‘’She walked up to me and asked where I was from, so I said China. I said ‘you’re very beautiful’ then she was very warm to give me a hug.

‘’There was money in my pockets and it was all stolen by her. It was thousands of Thai baht, around 100 pounds sterling.

‘’I caught her arm directly and she threw all the money to the ground. She told me I had to pay to take a picture of her. I didn’t lose anything so I was not alarmed but the police contacted me and took a statement so that they can start an investigation and find her. They were very helpful.”

Police confirmed that they had spoken to Jerry about the incident and took a statement. They said they would protect tourists and were checking CCTV to trace the woman.

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