Chilling moment woman using the toilet records ‘pervert peeping through gap under door’

This is the chilling moment a woman saw an alleged pervert peeking under the toilet door.

Orathai Chaichamroenkul, 25, was driving when she stopped by at a gas station to use the toilet in Chumphon, southern Thailand last Wednesday (04/12) afternoon.

She was sitting on the loo when she noticed movement in the gap between the floor and door, which was about 30cm off the ground.

Footage shows the moment the alleged pervert kneeled down and lowered his head to peek through the wide gap. Orathai filmed the the creepy man who was startled after spotting the camera.

He then rushed away leaving Orathai too scared the leave the toilet. She then called her a friend to pick her up from the restroom.

Speaking publicly today (11/12), she said she wanted to reveal the details of the incident to shame the apparent voyeur and encourage other women not to use the toilets.

Orathai said: “I was curious about how wide the gap was. I noticed there was some movement so I started recording, just to be safe.

“Then this pervert started lowering his body to peek through that gap. It could have been worse if he had not been scared by the camera. I just don’t understand how anybody would want to see someone using the toilet. It’s disgusting.”

Orathai said she believes the man had been waiting outside then followed her into the toilet when he saw a woman arrive.

She added: ”I was too scared to leave on my own in case he was waiting for me outside. He could have attacked me.”

Orathai contacted the police after the incident and they are using her video to search for the man. They have also asked the owner of the fuel station to change the doors to prevent the incident happening again.

Police Colonel Samran Uchuphab said: “We have already watched the video and are in the process of finding the suspect.”

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