Children Playing On Inflatables During Flood

Children make the most of heavy flooding – using inflatable lilos and rubber rings while paddling down a submerged road.

Nine southern provinces in Thailand were hit by torrential rain this week leaving tens of thousands without power and many more homeless.

But these children were seen leaping into the two-foot deep water on the flood-hit dual carriageway in Nakhon Sri Thammarat yesterday afternoon.

They laughed while pushing each other into the water and paddling on their inflatables as vehicles continue to plough through the flooded road at around 1pm.

Resident Nok Wattana, 32, said: ‘’Children always find a way to have fun. All the children in the neighbourhood were enjoying it.

‘’My house was flooded but after the rain has stopped it will be easy to clean. I have a young daughter and she enjoyed splashing in the yard with our dog. We’re lucky that on this road it has not been severe.”

Floods in southern parts of Thailand have so far killed at least 15 people since November 25 when heavy rains began.

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