Chicken Fighting Dog Over Rice

This is the hilarious moment a chicken starts a fight with a dog – over who eats the last bowl of rice.

The hungry pooch was tucking into the dish when the jealous rooster spotted him and wanted it for himself.

He launches a flying kick at the pooch but knocks over the bowl spilling the supper on the ground.

The pair then square off and have a fight before the chicken wins and sends the dog running for cover in Sakon Nakhon, Northeastern, Thailand.

Owner Wittaya Tide said: ”The rooster was so jealous that the dog was eating the last bowl of rice. There was no more food left so he started fighting him.

”But he already knocked over the rice so nobody could eat it, so they both lost out. There’s an important lesson there.

”The chicken chased away the dog who basked down and was too scared to carry on barking.”

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