Chef Attacks Restaurant Owner With Motorbike Helmet

An American restaurant owner had a real-life Kitchen Nightmare when his want-away chef smashed him over the head NINE times – with a motorbike HELMET.

Guy Allison, 66, had an argument with the temperamental top cook at his Mexican restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand, last Saturday night.

But the chef, Wanchai Kenpai, 20, saw red and said he quit – before flying into a rage after Guy refused to provide a reference for him.

Guy Allison, 66, after his chef attacked him with a motorcycle helmet

Guy Allison, 66, after his chef attacked him with a motorcycle helmet

The cook returned moments later as Guy was about to get into his car and hit him three times from behind then again six times from the front.

Guy, who suffered cuts and bruises, said: ”The chef hit me three times from behind first. He finished work and I paid him his salary.

”He wanted a reference letter and I said ‘No, if you want to quit your job, good luck, go on your way.

”I started to go to my pick-up truck and he came from behind and hit me three times with his helmet and then he hit me about six more times.

”I’ve been injured on the head but it could have been worse. Thankfully I’m still standing, talking and walking.

”There’s no chance he’ll be getting a reference letter from me. If anyone asks I’ll show them my injuries and the police report.”

Guy reported the attack at his restaurant Tequila Reef to police who are still searching for the fiery chef, who had worked there for two years.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Satsak Pinthong said: ”We have opened a case and taken statements from the alleged victim and from other staff.

”We are now waiting to speak with the chef about what happened. When we have all of the evidence we will consider legal proceedings or find a resolution.”

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