Cheeky Burglar Caught Skinny Dipping In Woman’s Pool

A cheeky burglar was caught after breaking into a family’s home and goingskinny dipping in their pool.

Thanonsuk Lertna, 38, was seen on cameras rummaging through belongings inside the property in Chonburi, eastern Thailand.

When resident Suree Dowell, 31, returned home and found 20,000 THB cash (505 GBP) was stolen on Wednesday January 15 night she checked her CCTV.

The young woman was horrified at the audacity of the thief – stripping off and going for a swim in the family pool.

Police identified Thanonsuk and pinned four other burglaries in the same neighbourhood on him.

He was finally caught yesterday (Jan 15) at a nearby housing estate and handcuffed before being hurled into a police pickup truck.

Lieutenant Thongin Panyanam said the police will do drugs tests on the suspect before they decide on the charge.

He said: “We caught him wandering around the neighbourhood and suspected him to be high on drugs so he will be undergo the drug test then we would decide on his charge.”

Officers said that Suree’s neighbour Amawasee Gangrum, 23, had also reported that her house had been broken into four times.

She said the thief first broke into her house last Thursday (09/01) and stole 400 USD cash (306GBP) and returned three more times while she was away.

Officers are now checking the CCTV and listing all of the valuables that have gone missing.

Lt Thongin Panyanam added: ”The suspect has admitted breaking into the homes so we will try and recover the items for the victims.”

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