Centipede Giving Birth Looks Like MACAROON

A man cleaning his house thought he’d found a MACAROON cake – but was shocked when it turned out to be a centipede giving birth to hundreds of babies.

Camron Painarin, 23, spotted what he thought was a sweet treat dropped on the floor when he was sweeping the porch outside his kitchen and in Ratchaburi, Thailand.

He went to pick it up but recoiled in horror when he noticed it was moving – and the white part he thought was cream was actually hundreds of tiny creepy crawlies.

Camron and wife Parichar recorded the revolting scene and posted it online where the stomach-churning footage has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

He said: ”I only glanced at it first and just thought it was some cake that had dropped on the floor.

”But then it was moving it really made me shudder. It was interesting to look at. The mother centipede was giving birth to hundreds of babies.”

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