Cement Truck Crashes Through Restaurant In Vietnam

This is the terrifying moment a waiter runs for his life when an out-of-control 20-tonne cement mixer crashes through a restaurant – after its BRAKES FAILED.

The enormous half-full vehicle went careering down an alleyway and failed to stop at the junction at the end – speeding straight across the road narrowly missing traffic.

CCTV footage from the restaurant shows a man sitting outside reading a newspaper run to the side when he sees the truck heading straight for him.

While inside a young waiter dashes out of the way when he hears the truck speeding towards him before it ploughs into the front of the building.

Miraculously, nobody was seriously injured after the horror crash at the Com Tam restaurant in in Vung Tau city- Vietnam, on February 14 at 2.19pm.

Restaurant owner Thang Pham, who collected CCTV the shocking and another building in the alley opposite, said: ‘’There was a lot of damage done to the front of the restaurant. But we repaired it very quickly and opened again.

‘’We’re just happy that nobody was hurt. Our waiters were OK and the driver was also fine but had some small cuts and bruises.

‘’The brakes failed on the cement truck and there was nothing he could do. His company is dealing with compensation for the damage.’’

The average cement mixer truck weighs around 10,000kg while they can carry loads of up to 20,000kg. This machine was said to be around half full at the time of the accident.

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