Cat Toying With HUGE Spider

Don’t watch this if you’re scare of spiders – it’s horrible. A woman filmed her pet cat chasing a massive spider.

Four-year-old Calico cat ‘Lele’ was in the bathroom when his owner, Sue Weng, heard him scratching around and went to investigate.

Sue was ‘’freaked out’’ after seeing the playful rescue cat toying with the massive 10-inch long arachnid – which had a stomach-churningly large two-inch long body and huge fangs.

The mother-of-two filmed Lele chasing the spider from one corner of the bathroom to the other where it tried to hide behind a plastic bin.

But the fearless cat dragged it out with its paw before picking it up with in his MOUTH – and flinging it in the AIR back to the other corner.

The injured spider – by now missing one of its large legs – scrambled for safety as it cowered on the ground before Sue dragged away her cat.

It is believed that the spider died after being attacked by the cat. Disgusting stuff – Yuk!

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