Cat Sitting On Motorcycle With Helmet And Shades

This cute cat rides pillion on a scooter with his own helmet and sunglasses.

Nong Belle, 25, spotted the fearless feline perched on the back of the seat in Korat province, Thailand, on April 30.

She filmed the rider for several minutes then took pictures of the motoring moggy when they pulled up at a junction.

The cat, named Neko, was wearing a small blue custom-made helmet with horns sticking out and sunglasses attached by hinges as a visor.

He even completed the look with with another pair of shades around his neck and a couple of plastic toys hanging from his collar.

Nong said: ‘’This was so cute. He was sitting and watching the other cars from the seat. The rider was being careful the cat didn’t fall off.

‘’The man said sometimes he takes his pet cat out for a ride with him. He made a helmet for him and lets him wear sunglasses.

‘’I said what’s his name and he said the cat is called Neko. He loves riding the motorbike with him.’’

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