Car Windscreen Smashes By Falling Crane Chain

This is the shocking moment a car’s windscreen was smashed by a giant metal chain which fell from a crane.

Knot Wattana, 30, was driving through a road widening project on Srinagarindra Road in Bangkok, Thailand last Thursday August 1 afternoon.

Dashcam camera footage shows the 265-feet-tall crane on the right of the vehicle before part of the hoist suddenly came loose.

The chain swung down and smashed the car windscreen, spraying splinters of glass onto Knot’s arm and hand.

Construction workers later contacted and apologised the driver. They also gave him an undisclosed sum of money as compensation.

The driver said: ”I was very shocked and didn’t know at that moment what had hit the glass until I pulled over and checked.

”The company accepted they were fully responsible for the repair costs. But I told them to be careful next time because the chain was heavy enough to kill any drivers, especially motorcycle riders.”

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