Canadian Tourist, 46, Found Dead 4km From Shore

Police were today investigating the mystery death of a Canadian tourist who was found floating dead in the sea.

Shocked fisherman noticed the body of Jason William Harley, 46, floating face down in the sea in Chonburi some 4km from the shore.

The man, whose passport shows he was born in Bismark (sic), U.S.A., was pulled to the steps in a fishing harbour area at 8am this morning. He was wearing a pair of black shorts, black sandals, and did not have a t-shirt on.

Police who looked through his pockets found his passport, a driving license, a Samsung smartphone with a microphone attached, a phone charger, a set of keys and a wallet.

Officers are now investigating how Jason came to be in the ocean.

Police Cololnel Pricha Somsathan, head of the Chabang district police station, said: ”Preliminary examinations of the body at the scene show there were no injuries to the man. There was no sign he was attacked or robbed. We believe that he died of drowning.”

Authorities believe that Jason had been in the water for three to four days. He had a skull tattoo on his left forearm and another pattern design tattoo on his right upper arm.

Police Cololnel Pricha Somsathan added: ”My team will investigate the death. We will check CCTV cameras in the area to see how the man died.

”The body will now be sent for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death, which we expect to be caused by downing.”

Police said that the Canadian embassy in Bangkok had been informed and they were contacting relatives.

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