Buying Used Jaguar In Bangkok? Check Out This Dream Garage

This little scrap yard is located in Ratchada district of Bangkok. If you’re interested in buying a used Jaguar in Bangkok, it’s well worth a visit.

Even if you’re just interested in used Jaguars in general, or classic Jaguars, I’d still recommend a visit.

These guys are one of the main Jaguar repair specialists in Bangkok. They pretty much get all the old Jaguars shipped to them not just from across Thailand, but also places across Asia.

When I visited and took these pictures, they were working on a classic Jaguar from Singapore and another from Japan.

While the other Jaguar XJs and Daimlers they work on would be destined for sale in Thailand or other Asian countries once they had been serviced and repaired.

Now, Jaguars are something of a luxury car in England. And even there they are expensive.

But in Thailand and Asia they’re like hen’s teeth – and the parts can be even more difficult to source.

So if you’re hoping to pick up one of these beauties, be prepared to dig deep. The black Daimler in the pictures had an asking price of 400,000 baht. That’s about four or five times what the same car would cost in the UK.

Never the less, it’s fascinating to see these beautiful motors in Bangkok. The care that these guys put into restoring and repairing them is second to none, and soon enough they’ll be polished up and road worthy again, gracing the streets of Asia.

The guys also have a massive collection of parts – steering wheels, leather seats, wheels, chassis, engines.

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