Bus Washed Off Road By Heavy Floods

Somchai the bus driver got in a real mess when he tried to drive over a flooded road.

Chaleaw Buasawai, 75, wanted to navigate through 50cm deep water during heavy rain in Phetchaburi province.

But a sudden surge in the current washed the bus perilously close to a river where it was trapped on its side between two rocks – inches from disaster.

The passengers and driver scrambled to safety before tractors arrived to haul the bus back onto the road.

Climbing back into the vehicle, Chaleaw said: ‘’I’ve been a driver for 30 years and never experienced an event like this.

‘’Before the accident I dropped off some passengers and then drove back. The route was very watery, so I slowed down to drive through it. I didn’t realise how severe the flood was.

‘’The water blew the bus across the road and fell into the river opposite. Luckily the bus was hanging in a groove. Everybody got out and called for help.”

Police Liutenant Colonel Satangwan Niwik from the police station in the Nong Ya Plong district said they received an emergency call and arrived with volunteers from a rescue group.

He said: ‘’There was a six wheel yellow bus stuck on the side of the road about two metres above the river. We requested extra power and tractor and pick-up truck arrived with wire rope. It took more than an hour to pull out the bus.’’

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