Bus Driver And Conductor Fight Motorcyclist

Shocked bus passengers watched as a road rage motorcyclist fought with the driver – before a female conductor joined in and pulled down his SHORTS.

Commuters were travelling home when the rider became angry after claiming the bus had encroached into his lane in Bangkok on January 26.

He blocked the road with his bike then stormed aboard the bus to demand a fight with the driver – who jumped from his seat and launched a flying karate kick at him.

As the two adults grappled on the floor, the petite female conductor tried to help her colleague – grabbing the motorbike rider’s shorts and pulling them down to reveal his ‘builder’s bum’.

Despite succesffuly breaking up the fight, the rider later returned and banged on the closed bus door, sparking yet more angry scenes as the driver resumed the scrap.

The two men were eventually separated and the residents were able to continue their journey. Passenger Thida Watchara who witnessed the melle said she was ”scared”.

She added: ”I thought the motorcycle rider might come on the bus. I think the driver was just trying to protect his passengers.

”I am proud of the lady for trying to help. I was a little bit scared and I was late home but it’s OK. This doesn’t happen every day.”

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority which operates the buses in the Thai capital said it had launched an investigation into the incident.

A spokesman said: ”CCTV onboard the bus number 510 shows the full incident between the driver and a motorcycle rider. BMTA has set up an investigation committee.”

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