Barmy Burmese Bus Conductor Flashes Her Knickers

This is how a female bus conductor dealt with road rage – by flashing her UNDERWEAR at drivers.

The woman had been working on the public bus in Yangon, Burma, when a car refused to let the coach into a queue of traffic on Monday evening.

She became angry and began swearing at the car before stunning road users by hitching up her skirt to reveal her pink knickers.

The bus conductor, who who has not been named, has now been sacked by the Yangon Regional Transport Authority (YRTA) and faces legal action in the former British country, now known as Mayanmar after decades of political and social unrest.

Passenger Khine Zin Thet who recorded the moment said: ‘’The woman was swearing and arguing, then did exactly like it shows in the picture.

‘’It happened at about 7pm on Monday when we were driving parallel to the YBS 6 bus.

”They still drove down with us but we were on the slip road at the side and could not let them in to the lane.’’

A statement from the bus operator said the woman had been sacked and had her licence removed.

Authorities added that the incident was so serious that the woman would also face prosecution.

YRTA boss Maung Aung said: ‘’The woman has been permanently dismissed but that is not adequate. We will be taking further action against her.

‘’We will meet the bus company for a meeting to discuss the incident.’’

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