Buffalo Gores Owner At Fight In Vietnam

This is the horrific moment a buffalo owner is gored to death by his own animal.

Dinh Xuan Huong, 46, had been standing inside the field watching his beast fight another buffalo at the event in Hai Phong, northern Vietnam.

Relatives said that Dinh was an experienced buffalo handler having trained them for ten years – finally achieving his dream of owning his first buffalo just one year ago.

But his animal ‘’number 18’’ became enraged and chased the rival owner before turning to Dinh and catching him next to the fence.

Graphic footage shows the water buffalo head butt Dinh in his backside which knocks him to the ground.

Dinh tries to get up and hold off the raging beast but it gores him before flinging him up in the air – piercing his leg with its horn – and tossing him around 14ft in a somersault.

buffalo gores owner in Vietnam

A buffalo gores its owner at a fight in Vietnam

Disorientated and dazed, Dinh clambers onto his knees but moments later the buffalo ploughs into his head knocking him out instantly.

Dinh was rushed to the Vietnam-Czech Friendship Hopsital but he later died, having suffered catastrophic injuries to his brain, spine and legs.

Vietnamese authorities later SHOT the buffalo ‘’number 18’’ and suspended the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival 2017 while drugs tests were carried out on all the creatures.

Hoang Xuan Minh, Chairman of the Do Son district of Hai Phong City, said the Ministry of Public Security has asked local authorities to take samples of buffalo 18 to check if stimulants intended to make it a more aggressive fighter were responsible for the death.

He said: ”According to the process the test results are expected later this week.”

Traditional buffalo fighting was stopped ion the country during the Vietnam War but started again 27 years ago in 1990.

The festival is said to honour sacrifice and bravery – and be a homage to water goddesses.

A number of buffalo have died in the duels but Dinh’s death was the first human fatality since the event resumed.

Officials said 32 buffaloes had been competing in the qualification rounds for the final 16 places.

Authorities are now considering whether the buffalo fighting festival should continue next year.

Mr Minh added: ‘’The Do Son buffalo fighting festival was set up in 1990 and 27 festivals have been held.

”This year, when the 14th battle going on, buffalo number 18 was crazy, attacking his master to death which is a rare incident that never happened before.’’

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