Twister Reaches From Sky To Touch Snake God Statue

This is the spooky moment a freak TWISTER is caught on camera appearing to touch a stautue of a SNAKE god.

The mini tornado hovered over the statue of mystical Buddhist serpent ‘Naga’ in Bueng Khong Long, Thailand, on Wednesday afternoon.

Incredibly, it appears to touch the tip of he statue while swirling down from a dark cloud in front of the sun.

Deeply superstitious Thais believe the strange phenomenon was a sign of the deities – famed for manifesting themselves in human form – visiting the earthly plain.

Rip To, who recorded the footage, said: ”It’s quite powerful to see this. It’s a tornado above the naga statue. It shows a lot of power from the spirits. That they are on earth and nearby.”

Apiroom Rachatawet added: ”It could just be a coincidence that the big wind is almost touching the statue. But it definitely looks very powerful.”

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