Buddhist Statue Collapses While Being Lifted To Temple

This is a dramatic moment a ‘lucky’ statue of Buddha came crashing down after a crane cable snapped.

The 16ft high concrete gold-painted sculpture was being lifted into place to mark the end of Buddhist Lent in Ayutthaya, Thailand on Monday October 14 morning.

Devotees were hoping that the expensive sacred statue, paid for with donations, would bring them good luck over the coming months.

But a cable tied to the Buddha’s head and attached to crane suddenly snapped – sending the iconic religious figure face-first into the ground.

Locals screamed with shock as the statue smashed into pieces, flinging debris at the assembled crowds.

Footage taken by local worshipper Amnarj Sakdiphong shows how the blessed moment turned to disaster. Miraculously, nobody was hurt.

Amnarj said: ”Everybody had been looking forward to this day for weeks. It ended in disaster with the statue destroyed.”

Forgiving monks said they did not blame the builders for the accident.

The temple’s Abbott said: ”We are not upset by the mistake. It is a relief that nobody was injured.

”The Buddhist followers who came today will contribute their money to rebuild the new statue and hopefully the accident will not happen again.”

The construction company apologised and for the blunder and said that they will repay the costs for a new statue.

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