Brits Fined Over Bust-Up On Walking Street

Two Brits were forced to make a grovelling apology after fighting each other in Pattaya on Saturday night.

Kieran Flannery and Mark Peter Jones had been outside a bar on Walking Street when they started arguing.

A local tried to intervene but was punched in the mouth leaving him with blood pouring from his lips after the incident at 1:30am in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Footage shows a dozen police and security guards step into the throng to separate the two men – with Jones having to be held back by the officials.

The furious tattooed holidaymaker repeatedly shouts and swears as he breaks free from the grasp of police.

Police eventually arrested the two men and the next afternoon at 1pm they appeared at the police station where they were each fined 5,000 baht for ”arguing loudly on public land”.

Flannery, who is originally from Liverpool but now lives in Pattaya and runs a boxing promotions firm, apologised for the incident saying: ”I’m very sorry. Thank you very much for your help. I’m sorry to have damaged the image of the city.”

While his friend Jones added: ”I’m very sorry. This will not happen again.”

Police chief Apichai Krobtech said that Jones was also fined an additional 5,000 baht for the injury to by-stander Tanachai Wonasiripet.

Lieutenant Colonel Apichai Krobtech said: ”Both tourists have been warned about their abusive behaviour. They have apologised and raised their hands to admit they were wrong. They have both promised that this will not happen again.

”Pattaya is a family holiday destination and it is important that tourists are safe when they are in public. We do not want anybody to see disturbances like this as it is unpleasant for their vacation.”

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