British Tourist Tied Up In His UNDERPANTS

This is the bizarre moment a crazed Brit is tied up in his PANTS by furious locals after causing chaos on a drunken holiday rampage.

The man, who has not been named, was spotted running across the roofs of homes in Pattaya, Thailand, on Tuesday night at 11.30pm.

Corrugated iron roof tiles were crashing to the floor as the man shouted incoherently with blood coming from cuts on his face and arms.

Outraged villagers eventually caught him and strung him up using rope to tie his hands and feet together.

Police arrived shortly after as the ‘’delirious’’ man pleaded in a London accent with them to ‘’put me down’’ and ‘’get off me’’.

But officers poured water over his head ‘’to try and calm him down’’ before he was arrested and carried into a police truck and taken to Banglamung district station.

The bizarre scenes as the man tried to wriggle free while confused locals laughed at hime were filmed by local a Thai news reporter.

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