British Tourist In Road Rage Attack On Thai Man

This British tourist sees red on a foreign road – attacking a driver who clipped his car and screaming ”you could have killed my f***ing kids”.

The middle-aged man in shorts and flip flops was driving a white Honda when a local cut him up on a busy motorway on Monday afternoon in Bangkok, Thailand.

He storms out of his vehicle and drags the terrified Thai man over, pushes him and repeatedly pushes his head down to look at his children in the back seat.

British Driver Road Rage In Thailand by viralpress

The Brit – who has not been identified – yells in a northern accent ”you could have killed my kids, you could have killed my f***ing kids”.

Shocked passserby June Charisma recorded the bust up on the Rama II Road in the Thai capital and posted the clip online where it went viral.

A shocked witness said: ”The man was clearly very angry after getting into an accident. He felt that his children could have been hurt.

”He pushed the other driver and made him go over to look at his children.

”He has some serious courage to take on a local man like that. Thai people won’t be happy seeing a foreigner intimidate one of their own, regardless of who’s in the right or wrong.”

The man’s Thai girlfriend is later seen shuffling out of the car and talking on her phone about the accident.

As traffic builds up behind the enraged Brit, cars start beeping their horns and other drivers walk over.

One man shouts: ”Stop bullying the Thai people”. But the Brit continues his road rage rant.

A spokesman for the Thai Royal Police said the incident had not been reported to them but they were aware of the footage.

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