British Tourist Arrested After Naked Rampage In Cambodia

A crazed British tourist is arrested after a naked rampage through a city while allegedly attacking people with a baton.

Jon Williams, 43, from Lambeth, south London, was found shouting incoherently at villagers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Tuesday night.

Officers arrived and gave Jon a set of clothes from nearby residents.

They handcuffed the holidaymaker who had ”flipped out” after an apparent argument with his girlfriend Georgia Grant who had been travelling with him.

Jon is now being detained at a police station in the Tuol Kork district of the city ”for his own safety” while police investigate the incident which happened at 9.40pm.

Jon’s son, Dennie, 18, who has been trying to get in touch with his dad, said he was ”worried sick”.

He said: ”My dad had been travelling with his girlfriend but they had an argument then he went off alone. He’s been on a downward spiral since that.

”The police found him naked in the street but he had already been robbed twice and lost his phone, money and passport. I think the third time he was robbed and somebody stole his clothes. It’s not like him to just strip naked.

”He could have been drunk or he could have had his drink spiked, I don’t believe he would have taken drugs but he might have done. Something has happened for him to just flip out.

”Right now we’re just worried sick and we can’t get in touch with him. We’ve contacted the foreign office and the embassy but they haven’t been able to help.

”The most we know is that he has been arrested and detained for his own safety. We just want him home and safe.”

Dennie said that Jon arrived in the country last Saturday and had planned to travel to neighbouring Thailand.

But it is not known if he will return home or when he will be released by the police.

Hong Than Sethika, who witnessed the incident, said: ”Yesterday I saw him naked and he tried to fight people who passed infront of him with a baton .

”Then the police came and arrested him. I was there too . They asked what is his name ? And he answer his name is Jon… from London.”

A report from police in Cambodia said the British man was ”suspected of being under the influence of drugs” and found naked in the street.

It added: ”The man was arrested by police at night at 9:40 pm on September 5, 2017, along Street 156, near Mong La, located in Teuk Laak II commune, Toul Kork district.”

An officer at the Tuol Kouk police station said today onlookers at restaurants in the area had ran away from the tourist and called police.

They added: ”The British man was in the street and had the baton in his hand. He was waving it at people and trying to fight them.

”Police forces arrived to intervene to stop the British man. He did not listen to the police and ran away into cars that passed by.

”He was sent to the Teuk Laak 2 Police Station and has been detained for questioning.”

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