British Tourist, 32, Covered In Blood After Bar Room Brawl

This is the shocking moment a British tourist was found stumbling through the streets covered in blood.

Vadim Vinogradov, 32, flagged down passing cars as blood poured from his head at 3am local time in Pattaya.

Police arrived and spoke with Vadim – originally from Estonia – who told them that he had been in a fight with another tourist.

The holidaymaker, who showed his British passport, said he had been drinking and eating at a nearby bar when the mood suddenly became aggressive.

Vadim said the attacked allegedly smashed him over the head with a bottle then repeatedly punched him as they grappled in front of shocked drinkers.

He ran away and was found by officers in the Banglamung district of the notorious city.

Vadim said: ”If I see their face then I would remember them. It wasn’t a Thai person that hit me, it was a Westerner. There is no problem.”

Vadim was taken to the hospital to be treated for wounds to his head before returning to his hotel.

Banglamung district sheriff Naris Niwapantawong said today (Thu) that officers were waiting for Vadim to visit the station to make a complaint.

He said: ”If the injured man returns to the police station to file a complaint then officers will investigate.

”Tourist police only spoke briefly to the injured man and told him to contact police after he had been to the hospital. When he gives us all of the details we will begin to investigate.”

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