British Pensioner, 74, Knocked Off Motorcycle And Killed In Pattaya

A British pensioner bled to death in the road after being knocked off his motorcycle by a car in Thailand.

John Gresty, 74, was travelling in the left lane when he allegedly pulled out in front of a car while trying to make a u-turn in the busy coastal city of Pattaya on Wednesday November 27 morning.

Onlookers said he appeared to be trying to ride through the gap in the central reservation to turn back on himself in the other direction when the white Honda travelling behind smashed into him.

Police arrived at the scene where they found the pensioner – who was not wearing a helmet – sprawled on the ground. He had also been riding in shorts and flep-flops.

Blood from a wound on John’s head had spilled across the tarmac. Medics said he had bled to death on the road due to the head injury.

The car driver Somchai Phetchamrat, 34, was waiting at the scene of crash. He told police that the accident happened because he could not stop the car in time after the Brit quickly changed lanes.

He said: “I was driving from my home to the office. I was driving on the right lane while the other man was riding on the left side, the slower lane.

“He changed the lane to take a u-turn through the middle. He was so quick that I could not stop the car and I hit him. My car hit him very hard.”

Police Captain Weerayuth Kangkala said that the initial statement by the car driver appeared to be reliable but he said they needed to check CCTV cameras. They will then decide whether to press charges.

The investigating officer said: “The investigation from the scene and statements from witnesses conforms with the account from the car driver that the British man changed lanes too quickly.

“However, we need to check the CCTV again to cross-check the incident and identify who made the mistake, before we can charge anyone. It could be that the car driver should not have been driving so fast near a u-turn point.”

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