British Couple Attacked Over Drinks Bill

A British couple on holiday were attacked after refusing to pay a £27 bar bill – saying they could get cheaper at the supermarket.

David Lodge, 63, and his wife were drinking with friends last night when they racked up a bill for about ‘’six or seven drinks’’ at the bar in Pattaya, Thailand.

But shocked David saw the receipt for 1,200thb (27.50gbp) and paid just 600thb(14gbp) before storming out of the busy night spot – claiming he could buy beer for less at the local 7/11 store.

Furious bar worker Rungnapa Pleumjai, 43, who had been serving the couple took off her SHOE and hit David the face – before chasing him into the street and hitting and kicking him.

Footage taken from local reporter Salick Kitmanee shows the woman arguing in the street with the couple before chasing after the woman and pulling her dress. She then kicks David in his crotch.

Rungnapa was later arrested after the British couple reported the assault at the Patsy Beer Bar to police.

The bar girl who attacked the British couple after a dispute over their drinks bill in Pattaya

The bar girl who attacked the British couple after a dispute over their drinks bill in Pattaya

David said: ”We were overcharged for the drinks. They were ripping us off. They’re much cheaper at the local supermarket.

”I paid the price that the drinks should have been. Then she attacked us so I reported it to the police.”

Police interviewed the bar worker and she told them that the prices were higher than the supermarket because it was a bar.

She said after the attack: ”Everybody knows you go to a bar and beer is more than the supermarket because there are bills to pay.

”The couple knew the prices. They were on the menu. We tell them the price and they get a bill after each drink.

”Why do they think they can run up a bill then leave without paying? Is it any surprise I am angry? How I can get my wages if customers don’t pay?”.

But officers at Pattaya Police Station sided with the British couple and the girl was charged with assault for ”damaging the image of tourism in Pattaya’’.

A spokesman said today: ‘’People should not attack tourists. If they have a problem it should be reported to the police first for us to investigate.”

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