British Chav’s Video Of Ladyboy Sex Goes Viral

A British chav has become an Internet hit after filming a hilarious holiday video of himself having sex – with a ladyboy.

The northern lad, who has not been identified, posted the hardcore footage onto Shapchat of himself having sex with ‘Jeffrey’ in a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand.

But cheeky pals recorded the ‘secret’ clips and shared them on Twitter where it went viral after being shared more than 30,000 times.

The man in his 20s has viewers in stitches with his phrase: ”Going to Thailand and not shagging a ladyboy is like going to Turkey and not eating a kebab.”

Explicit video shows the transsexual sex worker performing oral sex – then being ”bummed” by the man speaking in a Manchester accent.

He says: ”Call the cops, I’m off my chops, I’ve got fucking Jeffrey here with me now. He’s probably got a bigger dick than me.

”Jeffrey can suck a duck. Wow, what a fucking boy.”

The topless transsexual – known in Thailand as a ‘katoy’ – smokes a cigarette and plays on her phone with a towel wrapped around her waist while taking a break.

”Going to Thailand and not shagging a ladyboy is like going to Turkey and not eating a kebab.”

Sex with Thai ladyboys in the city’s red light district begins at around 1,000Thai Baht (£20) for an hour or around 2,500 Thai Baht (£50) for the whole night.

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A more beautiful ladyboy

After getting the hooker back to his room, the tourist posts a clip with the title ”bumping Dave. he’s fit” is strapped across the screen.

He tells pals: ”Is this the fittest lad you’ve ever seen in your life or what? Swear down.

”Eh Dave, what you saying Dave? You fucking dirty little man. Eh, he’s come. Dave’s fucking blowing his load. Dave you fucking little man boy.”

Hilariously, the holidaymaker then finishes his video by saying ”what a waste of time he was.

”That was no good to me. I feel fucking ill.”Basically yeah, he;s fitter than most of you fucking ugly little trolls

”Get your dick out, mine’s smaller than yours. I’m not ashamed.

”Going to Thailand and not shagging a ladyboy is like going to fucking Turkey and not eating a fucking kebab, so fuck off.”

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