British businessman, 57, arrested in Cambodia after ‘refusing to pay drinks bill and pulling gun on bar owner’

A British businessman was arrested after allegedly refusing to pay his drinks bill then pulling a gun on the bar owner.

Mark Aspinall, 57, had been drinking at the pub in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but started arguing when the tab arrived on April 27.

The Brit, from the East End of London, allegedly refused to pay and attacked one of the staff then stormed off.

Mark then reportedly returned with the money and a gun, which witnesses said he brandished at the owner.

Police arrived and subdued the expat, who appears to run a business called ‘Good Price Cambodia’, before calling reinforcements.

Pictures from the scene of the arrest show the Brit being pinned to the ground with black handgun a few feet from him.

He was detained in custody at the station in the Sen Sok district before a court appearance on April 30.

A court spokesman told local media that prosecutors are reviewing the case before proceeding further.

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