British Backpacker Found Dead In Cambodia Police Cell

A British backpacker was found dead in police custody hours after being arrested in a dispute with a guest house.

Matthew Paul King, 29, from Luton, Bedfordshire, had been staying at the Blue Buddha in Kampot, Cambodia, when he had a disagreement with the owner.

The tourist was pictured outside in shorts and a vest as cops arrived last week on August 19 and arrested him as a female friend looked on.

He was taken to an immigration centre and held in a cell but staff found him dead a short time later at 3pm having apparently hanged himself.

Officials said the man had used his shoe laces to hang himself.

A police spokesman said: ”A British man committed suicide in the General Department of Immigration in Khan Por Senchey.

”The victim was Matthew Paul King. He was taken to Calmette Hospital but was pronounced dead there.

”Post mortem examinations on the man’s body show that he committed suicide.”

The Blue Buddha hotel in Kampot in on the southern coast of Cambodia yesterday (Mon) declined to comment on why King was arrested.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth office said: ”Our staff are supporting the family of a British man following his death in custody in Cambodia.

”They are in contact with the Cambodian authorities about the incident.”

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