Brit Tourists Floating Down Flooded Street On Lilos

These two Brit tourists made the most of their washed-out trip to Thailand – by floating down the street on LILOS.

The ”crazy foreigners” – speaking in West Country accents – were caught in severe floods that have hit the south of the country.

An entire road was turned into a 30cm deep filthy river as heavy rains lashed popular holiday party island Ko Samui.

But the two lads didn’t let the weather put a dampener on their boozy trip and they used a blue lilo and red ring to float down the street in front of stunned locals.

One man – still in his trainers- is heard saying as he paddles away: ”Alright here we go kid. I will make it to town. See you in a bit.”

His friend replies: ”You do that kid, I’m just going to float down stream”.

Cars and trucks drive through the filthy flood waters creating mini waves – then stopping to look at the barmy Brits.

Passerby Khun Tee Samui, 38, recorded the men on a live Facebook stream that quickly went viral.

He said: ”They looked like they were having a lot of fun. Local people would never do something as crazy as this though.”

Thais on social media dubbed them ”crazy foreigners” and warned that their health could suffer from the dirty water.

Heavy rain during the last week has caused severe floods at popular holiday destinations in southern Thailand affecting tens of thousands of travellers.

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