Brit Arrested In Pattaya Over ‘Sex Crimes’ In UK

A British pensioner wanted for child sex crimes was arrested August 7 after fleeing the UK to live in Thailand.

Norman Lunt, 80, from Rotheram, Yorkshire, was being hunted by police in the UK for the alleged rape and sexual abuse of two children.

The victims claimed they were children when they were sexually abused for around five years before Lunt fled to Thailand. The alleged abuse happened while they were between 11 and 16 years old.

He had been living in the country’s ‘Sin City’ coastal resort of Pattaya for several years with a younger Thai wife, Somboon, and her daughters from a previous marriage.

But police swooped on his bungalow yesterday and arrested Lunt. He was pictured showing them his computer, which officers said contained pornography, before being lead outside and driven away in a police car.

Director-general Paisith Wongmuang from Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations said they carried out the arrest after a request from the UK’s National Crime Agency.

He said that Lunt faces 11 counts of molestation and serious molestation, and five counts of rape in the UK against two different girls.

The alleged victims are close to Lunt’s family. Police said they were daughters of a family friend.

Director-general Paisith added: ”The suspect has been detained in custody for legal proceedings. He will now be extradited to the UK to face the charges in his own country.”

Police Colonel Akarapol Punyopashtambha said that police received the arrest warrant from the UK on July 23 before raiding Lunt’s home.

He added: ”The suspected surrendered immediately and showed officers his computer which contained pornography. This was taken as evidence.”

Pattaya is a popular place for elderly Brits to retire. It has been best known since the 1960s for its sprawling red light district spanning the city with bars, strip clubs, massage parlours and hookers walking the streets round the clock.

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