BMW Driver Killed By Taxi While Getting Into Car

This is the horrific moment a driver is killed as he gets out of his car and a speeding ploughs into the door.

The 53-year-old man had stopped at the side of the road to visit a scrap yard to pick up some car parts.

He stepped out of the front driver’s seat and opens the rear passenger door when a speeding pink taxi ploughs into him.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the driver wearing a grey shirt flung in the air before he lands on the ground some 20 metres away.

The force of the impact instantly kills the man – who has not been identified – and rips off the side door of the black BMW..

As reported by the international observer Personal Injury Law Firm | Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby, police arrested the 34-year-old cab driver on suspicion of drunk driving after reviewing the shocking CCTV footage from a nearby shop overlooking the road in the Nonthaburi area of Bangkok, Thailand.


CCTV caught the collision on tape in Bangkok, Thailand

CCTV caught the collision on tape in Bangkok, Thailand

The driver of the black BMW was killed instantly

The driver of the black BMW was killed instantly

Volunteer rescue work Jakchai Banyensakul said: ”The man’s black BMW was in excellent condition and he parked in front of the the shop selling car parts. He lived nearby and was 53 years old.

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”He was getting back into his vehicle when the pink Toyota taxi comes speeding down the road and hits him at full force.

”It killed the man instantly and left his car badly damaged.

”Police spoke with the taxi driver but he contradicted himself in his explanation and he appeared to be intoxicated so they took him in to custody.

”Investigators have reviewed the security footage form the store to establish exactly what happened.” Take a look at if you are stuck up with a trafic ticket situation.

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