Blood-covered Tourist Arrested After Pattaya rampage

This was the shocking moment a crazed tourist covered in blood is finally arrested after going on a 24 hour drinking rampage.

The western man was seen attacking people, cars and buildings this morning in Pattaya, Thailand.

Police tried to arrest him but he locked himself in a car park and began smashing up the building – before running into a bar and attacking customers.

The manic middle-aged man was finally subdued by half-a-dozen officers who pinned him down on a pool table.

Police said that he had been drinking heavily for 24 hours before losing control of himself.


A spokesman from Pattaya Police said: ”We’re checking CCTV footage to see where he had been and what he was doing.

”People have told us he was drinking all day before and through the night. He had a cut on his arm and bleeding a lot, a lot.

”He has been taken to hospital first then we will look at if he should be charged.”

Doctors are currently identifying the mental state of the man, who has not yet been named.

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