Biker Gets Caught In Sudden Flood In Pattaya

This hapless tourist picked the wrong time to ride his motorbike – he gets swept away in a flash FLOOD.

The man was riding the motorbike in Pattaya, Thailand, when the heavens opened and he was caught in a torrential downpour at around 7pm in the evening.

The powerful rain turned the street into a raging river – and he tried to ride his motorcycle through the rapids.

But within moments he was swept away by the powerful current – and SIX passersby had to drag him and his 50cc rental bike to safety.

The astonishing scene was caught on camera by Sonram Red who watched it unfold from a nearby restaurant.

She said: ”Thankfully there were soon good citizens nearby to help him. It could have been much worse.

”The force of the sudden flooding was far too much for him to deal with.”

Onlookers said the man was a western tourist in his early 30s who didn’t have experience of flash flooding.

Sudden downpours in Thailand are common in October when the country is experiencing its rainy season.

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