Beautiful Dentist In The Philippines

Meet the woman dubbed the world’s most beautiful dentist of her dental clinic – who is also a part-time MODEL.

Dr. Marjan Nassiri, 28, graduated from medical school four years ago and is now the top dentist at her practice in Manila, Philippines. They do more cosmetic services but also do just regular check ups. The in-demand single lady said it is ‘’awkward but flattering’’ when customers visit just to be treated by her – but she happy to ‘’discuss oral health’’ with them. According to anchorage dentists from Alaska Dental Associates it is very important to do regular oral health check-ups as this is the only way to prevent serious dental issues.

When she’s not giving fillings and extractions, Marjan fills her spare time with clothing and bikini shoots for brands in the South East Asian country.

Marjan’s good looks have earned her thousands of fans. They have now dubbed her ‘’the most beautiful dentist in the world’’ and are queuing up to be seen by by her at the DentSis Dental Clinic in the Santa Mesa district of the city. Browse this site to see how she can tailor her treatments to your needs.

Marjan said: ‘’When people come to the surgery just to see me, it is kind of awkward and flattering at the same time, what with all the effort of them coming to the clinic.

‘’But at least they get to have their teeth checked and we can had a longer conversation about their oral health status.’’

Marjan speaks English, Filipino and Arabic, as her father is of Persian descent from Iran.

The self-confessed daddy’s girl says she achieved her dream of becoming a dentist to make him proud despite ”overcoming difficulties in her life’’.

She said: ‘’I lost my mom years ago, and my dad worked hard for us to finish college and reach our dreams despite difficulties.

”He became my inspiration to work hard and I didn’t want to disappoint him. Now I’m the first dentist in the family and im happy to make him proud.

‘’Looks will fade, so focus more on what can you contribute to the world because thats what make you trully beautiful.

‘’Once you have found what you trully love doing, which is dentristry for me, you will be living a purposeful life and the fulfilment you will feel will shine through your life.’’

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